Social Media Use Policy.


The purpose of Social Media pages are for Senator Scott Herndon to communicate with the residents of Idaho’s Legislative District 1 regarding matters of Idaho legislation and policies {and for residents of the district to provide pertinent feedback regarding those communications}. I welcome your comments, but please note that this is a moderated online discussion site and not a public forum. Comments posted to this page will be monitored and must comply with the Social Media policies and these terms of use.

Comments that (i) are unrelated to the purpose of this page or are not topically related to the specifics of the posting; (ii) contain fighting words, graphic or gratuitous violence, vulgar language, profanity, nudity, obscene or indecent language or sexual content, or false representations of fact; (iii) promote or incite illegal or fraudulent transactions or activities; (iv) threaten, intimidate, harass, or defame any person or organization; (v) otherwise violate the Social Media terms of use, such as hate speech; (vi) constitute “spam,” such as content that appears to be from internet bots, fake accounts, or repetitive, copy-paste statements; (vii) are commercial in nature, such as advertising, promotion, or endorsement of services, people or products, or solicitation of funds without prior consent by Senator Scott Herndon of Scott Herndon for the Idaho Senate; (viii) contain personally identifiable information about another individual; or (ix) misrepresent the commenter’s identity or affiliation will be removed.

Repeated violations of this policy may result in the inability of the author to comment on future posts.

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