Sandpoint, Idaho— Local home builder, Scott Herndon, is seeking the Republican Party Nomination for State Senate District 1.

He is running on a firm belief that now is the time for liberty-minded patriots to take their country back on the state and local levels.

“Our Founding Fathers had a vision for this country – free, sovereign states that govern themselves with minimal Federal intrusion,” said Herndon, “Decisions made by the people most concerned with the results.”

He continued, “The swamp in DC is too far gone. It will take assertive State Legislators to band together and remind DC of Federalism’s meaning – by robust legislation, litigation, and words backed up with action.”

While the Idaho House of Representatives is sometimes genuinely conservative, many of the best, conservative bills get killed in the Idaho Senate. “The Idaho Senate needs more small-government, conservative representation. Help is on the way”, said Herndon.

Scott Herndon has a strong abortion abolition and pro-2nd amendment record. In 2020, Herndon authored a change to the Idaho Republican Party platform to outlaw all abortion in Idaho, without exceptions, and he matched that by authoring House bill 56 that was introduced in the Idaho legislature in 2021. Herndon continues his legal challenge of the ban on firearms at the Festival at Sandpoint with the help of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance and the Second Amendment Foundation. Currently, the case is before the Idaho Supreme Court.

In 2020, when the governor of Idaho banned all religious expression in response to Covid, Herndon led a legal challenge that resulted in the governor immediately rescinding his orders banning religion, and a federal judge later issued a decision in the case suggesting the governor’s actions were unconstitutional.

As a private citizen, Herndon recently authored two legislative bills that were signed into Idaho law. In 2020, HB 438 strengthened parental rights, and in 2021 HB 104 passed both houses unanimously and expanded campaign finance disclosures, bringing greater transparency to our elections.

“I’ve spent years building homes for residents of Bonner and Boundary counties.  Now, I want to help build a freer Idaho in the State Senate,” noted Herndon.

About Scott Herndon

Scott Herndon is running for State Senate to carry the conservative grounding of North Idaho all the way to Boise. At the forefront of Scott’s platform for the State Senate is ensuring that government remains limited, and serves the interest of the people, not itself.  Scott will craft policy that fights DC and Boise encroachment on the lives of Idahoans and ensures COVID-era tyranny never hits Idaho again.

Scott is the owner of Scott Herndon Homes, a local homebuilding business. He resides near Sandpoint with his wife of 25 years, Arlene, and 7 of their children.  In his spare time, Scott enjoys the beautiful outdoors of the Gem State and building a new workshop on his property.