Scott Herndon is running for State Senate to carry the conservative grounding of North Idaho all the way to Boise. At the forefront of Scott’s platform for the State Senate is ensuring that government remains limited, and serves the interest of the people, not itself.  Scott will craft policy that fights DC and Boise encroachment on the lives of Idahoans and ensures COVID-era tyranny never hits Idaho again.

Scott values individual liberty, which he describes as the right to self-government (including your right to govern your own families, churches and businesses). Both the state and the federal constitutions recognize the rights of individuals to self-govern in most aspects of their lives, and these constitutions limit the authority of the state and federal governments. Scott’s platform and principles are easily summarized as:

1. Value and protect individual liberties. These liberties include those enumerated in the state and federal constitutions and those granted by our Creator. Scott’s mission will be to restrain encroachments on individual liberty from all levels of civil government.

2. Uphold the constitutional authority of the state of Idaho in relation to the federal government and prevent the encroachments on that authority by an overreaching federal government. Idaho is already constitutionally authorized and must actively oppose federal power grabs. An example is when the Feds try to unconstitutionally seize power from the state by massive federal cash infusions to the state with unconstitutional strings attached.

3. Enforce the boundaries that exist between the several branches of government. During the Covid era, we have seen these boundaries obliterated. Legislatures make laws, not governors, Presidents, nor judges. The Idaho legislature must actively fight for their constitutionally granted lawmaking authority and resist power grabs by activist judges, overzealous governors, Presidents and un-elected bureaucratic agencies. The legislature is closest to the people and is best positioned to fight for the interests of all Idahoans.

“I’ve spent years building homes for residents of Bonner and Boundary counties.  Now, I want to help build a freer Idaho in the State Senate”

– Scott Herndon