Photo credit: Zach Hagadone of the Sandpoint Reader.

NBC National News visited me Tuesday.

Tuesday, September 19, was a busy day. A producer, camera crew and a Washington DC based national correspondent and anchor for NBC News visited me at my home, and they came to our very busy Republican central committee meeting that night (see photo above).

They are doing a story about Idaho’s Republican Party politics ahead of the ’24 elections.

What about “right wing extremism” Senator?

What about the conservative fight for the soul of the party?

I explained that Idaho is a uni-party state. Because of their own bad ideas that most voters hate, Democrats know the only game in town is the Republican party. Therefore, they too joined our party and have been in the party so long, they have come to think of themselves as Republicans. In the liberal’s mind, they ARE the party!

But almost 70% of my district came here from somewhere else. In 2004, me included. Many of us came from blue states where choosing to be a Republican actually meant being conservative and standing against the socialism and cultural slide.

Did you know before I got elected, the 2022 Idaho Republican legislature was less conservative than the Republican legislators in 40 other states?

California’s Republicans in their state house are more conservative than Idaho’s state house Republicans. Read this review in the Daily Wire.

The people who have moved here see this problem, and they are doing something about it. At the grassroots level of the party they have been elected to their county Republican parties and have begun to enforce our great Idaho Republican Party Platform at the state level.

Now, liberals in our party are being called out by the grassroots and by challengers at election time. That is how I gained my seat in the senate. We called out liberal Jim and his actual voting record, and conservatives responded by ousting him.

But the fact that NBC News was here this week shows there is a coordinated national fight by the liberal media and the liberal establishment to turn Idaho blue.

I will stand in their way, and the Idaho Freedom Caucus will stand in the way of the Democrats and liberals. The Idaho Freedom Caucus is a state legislative caucus that has our most conservative Republican legislators in Idaho.

The caucus includes me, Rep. Heather Scott, Senator Brian Lenney, Senator Tammy Nichols and many others. You can see our team of legislators here.


What our Idaho Freedom Caucus has already done.

We formed our new conservative caucus last year when we started the legislative session. In our first year, we were able to kill some bad bills, fix some bad bills and deliver victories like:

1) $317 million of property tax relief to you. The Idaho Freedom Caucus members helped unite the Republicans to override the governor’s veto of House Bill 292. You will see an average 19% savings on your November property tax bill, and it will continue for every year to come.

2) H71 banned child genital mutilation, hormone therapies and puberty blockers from Idaho. The Idaho Freedom Caucus members all voted for this bill, which only passed the senate 22-12-1. Child genital mutilation and “medical therapies” in the war of gender identity confusion will now be a 10 year felony in Idaho.

3) We passed the school bathroom bill. What’s that? S1100 makes it law that boys have to use the boys bathrooms and locker rooms, and the girls use their own bathrooms and locker rooms. Never the twain can meet. Boys will not be able to pretend to be girls and invade the privacy of the other sex. Our public schools asked us for this bill because of the crazy world we live in, and the Idaho Freedom Caucus members sponsored and passed the bill into law.


What our Idaho Freedom Caucus will do.

We have a great offense planned for the next session of the legislature that starts in just 3 months.

One thing we will improve will be your gun rights.

I will be carrying several 2nd amendment bills. This month, our Idaho Freedom Caucus is focused on how we will defend and advance the 2nd amendment.

We are FIRMLY committed to safeguarding your 2nd Amendment rights, and we need YOUR support to make it happen.

🚫 We REFUSE to let our rights be eroded!
🚫 We REJECT compromise on our gun rights!
🚫 We WON’T stand by as other states trample on our freedoms!

➡️ Some Idaho Republican legislators compromised on gun rights by voting for “Red Flag” gun confiscation orders!
➡️ The Idaho Supreme Court ruled against us, denying our right to carry firearms at private events on public property!
➡️ New Mexico’s governor SUSPENDED law-abiding citizens’ right to carry firearms!
➡️ California’s governor wants to GUT our U.S. Constitutional Amendment to bear arms!

Our commitment:
✅ Make Idaho a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary State!
✅ Top priority in 2024 legislative session!
✅ Protect YOUR rights with clear legislation!