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Defending the National Guard and Defeating Monsanto

Sernator Herndon supports legislation to prohibit the deployment of the Idaho National Guard into combat for the United States without a declaration of war by the United States Congress. Also, Bayer/Monsanto wants to deny Idahoans’ ability to sue for harm caused by Round-Up; Senator Herndon leads the charge to fight for the right of citizens to go toe to toe with Big Corporations in court.

Bill to protect public land, water access clears Senate panel

If a public right-of-way provides access to state lands or waters, Senate Bill 1258 would require counties and highway districts to obtain equivalent replacement access for the public before deciding to vacate it. “Before abandonment, we are asking our local governments to provide a replacement,” bill sponsor Sen. Scott Herndon, R-Sagle, explained to the Senate Transportation Committee.

Senate passes bill to shorten library district trustee terms

On Tuesday, the Idaho Senate passed SB 1235 from Sen. Scott Herndon, R-Sagle, that would cut Idaho’s library trustee terms from six years down to four. The bill would keep the elections on odd years and all trustees elected in 2023 would keep their terms, but it would shift the board’s to a staggered schedule of shorter terms. It would not impact trustees for city library systems, which are appointed by mayors.

Constitutional amendment proposed to confirm right to privately educate children, 'free from government regulation'

Sen. Scott Herndon, R-Sagle, proposed a resolution that would ask voters to change the “compulsory attendance at schools” section of the Idaho constitution to say that custodial parents or guardians of any child, “shall have the fundamental right to privately home educate such child or to cause such child to be privately educated.” It would also add that those who privately educate or homeschool their children, “shall be free from government regulation of such education.”

Idaho Gov. Brad Little says JFAC’s budget changes could have unintended consequences

In an interview Tuesday at the Idaho State Capitol, Sen. Scott Herndon, R-Sagle, said he joins many of his constituents and fellow Freedom Caucus members in the Idaho Legislature in supporting JFAC’s changes. Citing a presentation from Legislative Services Office budget and policy division manager Keith Bybee, Herndon told the Sun that JFAC only used to analyze about 19% of state spending. Meanwhile, Herndon said government spending grew by 54% between 2020 and 2024.

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