The CandidateScott Herndon

Republican for State Senate, District 1

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The Mission StatementA Moral Government that Abides by the Federal and State Constitutions will Produce more Life, Liberty and Prosperity for Idaho.

“Have you had enough of Republicans who campaign as conservatives, but then govern like socialists? Have you had enough of politicians who say they are 100% pro-life, but then take no significant action to put an end to abortion, or worse, get high ratings from Planned Parenthood? Have you had enough of “conservatives” who say they will cut government but then increase spending, raise fees, and approve of more government regulations? Have you had enough of politicians who promise to preserve traditional moral values, but vote for legislation that undermines those same values? Are you sick and tired of politicians who do not follow the constitution after promising to do so?”Scott Herndon

PrioritiesMore Life, More Liberty, More Prosperity

  • Abolish Abortion

    Article 1, Section 1 of the Idaho Constitution declares the inalienable right to life (and then liberty and property). Yet, Idaho state statute ALLOWS the murder of preborn human beings by their mothers in abortions. This is an egregious human rights violation. It is time to obey the constitution and establish equal protection under law for all human beings during their natural life cycle. It is time to abolish all human abortion in Idaho. There is no liberty and property to protect for the 80,000 Idaho children we have allowed to be killed by abortion.

  • Grow Liberty

    In almost every aspect of the relationship between the citizens and their government, government growth has come at the expense of individual liberty. While there are rare circumstances where that is reasonable, in most circumstances government is entirely onerous, and expensive. It is time to not only restrict the growth rate of government but to audit every aspect of government, not just financially, which is already done by the Legislative Council, but CONSTITUTIONALLY, statutorily and against best private industry business practices. These audits may suggest ways to reduce the size and complexity of government altogether.

  • Increase Prosperity

    The Declaration of Independence talks about life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, and the Idaho Constitution talks also about the inalienable rights of Idahoans to acquire, possess and protect property. The priorities of civil government should be to help protect THE CITIZENS’ lives, liberty and property, and when government does this with strict adherence to the federal and state constitutions, then Idahoans can increase their prosperity.

The PlatformMajor Issues

State Sovereignty

Idaho should be governed by Idahoans, not by Washington, DC., nor by federal courts in opinions that contravene the Constitution. Madison wrote in Federalist 45 “The powers delegated by the Constitution to the federal government are few and defined. Those which are to remain in the State governments are numerous and indefinite.” Scott Herndon supports actual legislation and legal executive action that returns certain powers to the state.

Abolish Abortion in Idaho

Every year 1,751 preborn humans are aborted by their Idaho mothers. Our murder statute 18-4016 allows these abortions. It is time to change that statute, prosecute abortion as murder (which we all know it is) and uphold the Idaho constitution, establishing equal justice for all human beings from conception to natural death. The pro-life politicians we’ve elected, for decades, have have been misled to regulate abortion as healthcare instead of banning the barbaric practice altogether.

Business Practice and Constitutional Audits

Over the last 5 years, growth in Idaho general fund spending has exceeded by several percentage points both the growth of the personal incomes of Idahoans and the growth of the Idaho economy (GDP). In 2018, the state is projecting $300 million of tax collections above projections. This money should be returned to the people in tax relief for taxpayers so they can grow the Idaho economy and benefit their own families, friends and communities. There should be transparent audits of all state funded government for fiscal responsibility AND adherence to the federal and state Constitutions, Idaho statutes and the best private industry business practices. Reducing the cost of government should always be a legislative priority.

Limited and Proper Government

We should not assume that government is the solution to our problems. Many times, government is the source of some of our problems. While government’s primary constitutional function is to protect life, liberty, and property, unrestrained government becomes the very threat to those inalienable rights. Every elected official is bound by an oath to uphold the federal and state Constitutions. Every year our government officials ought to read those documents several times and understand what they have been bound by oath to. Where the Constitutions allow latitude and discretion, the goal of government ought to be to enable the people to increase THEIR prosperity, NOT to increase the government’s reach and prosperity.

“Limited government, not of arbitrary limits, but rather according to the Jeffersonian principle: ‘In questions of power, then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution’.”Scott Herndon

Scott HerndonMeet the Candidate

Business Owner

Owner of Scott Herndon Homes since 2005, Scott has been building homes in Bonner and Boundary County for 12 years and knows the joys and challenges of doing business in Idaho and District 1. Scott has a crew of three and employs a number of building subcontractors in North Idaho.


Scott and his wife Arlene have eight children that they homeschool and raise on their 15 acres in Sagle. They are avid boaters on Lake Pend Oreille, hunters, and they raise pigs, chickens and milk cows on their family property. Scott built the family home and is in charge of the finances, building maintenance, and fleet maintenance for the family.


Prior to moving to Idaho in 2004, Scott worked for major corporations like Arthur Andersen, Toyota Motor Sales and Charles Schwab, first as an accountant and auditor and then as a computer programmer. He has also worked for UC Berkeley and Los Angeles County on enterprise financial system projects.

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